Miami International Airport to speak at FlyPharma US

With the FlyPharma Conference US opening its doors in just under three months’ time, we’re delighted to announce that our Host Sponsor, Miami International Airport (MIA), will join the discussion with FlyPharma delegates, speaking at the following sessions:


Welcome to FlyPharma
Setting the scene for the conference ahead, MIA offers a warm welcome to delegates.


PANEL: Global vs Local
Jimmy Nares from MIA will join a range of other industry experts to discuss topics such as:
How can we find a balance between global and local needs?
Is it possible for all companies to meet the same guidelines in every situation?
Is this even something we should be aiming for – what about a tailored approach?
International partnerships strive for a collaborative approach, but how far can this reach?
How can companies work with their competitors?
What more do we need to do?
Are pharma hubs the answer or do they not support smaller businesses?


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