PANEL: Global vs local

In an ideal world, a truly global supply chain community would involve every country meeting the same set of quality standards and asking for the same legislative requirements. But will local challenges ultimately prevent this from becoming a reality?

Panel topics include:
– How can we find a balance between global and local needs?
– Can we provide a consistent service level across the globe while maintaining a local presence and expertise?
– Is it possible for all companies to meet the same guidelines in every situation?
– Is this even something we should be aiming for – what about a tailored approach?
– International partnerships strive for a collaborative approach, but how far can this reach? How can companies work with their competitors?
– Are pharma hubs the answer or do they not support smaller businesses?

Moderator: Rafik H. Bishara, PhD, FlyPharma Chair & Technical Advisor

Panelists include:

Daniel Castillo,Regional Sales Director, Canada & US Midwest, va-Q-tec
Thomas Grubb, Global Head, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, American Airlines, Inc
Curtis Hobby, National QSHE Manager & Pharma Auditor, Kuehne + Nagel Inc
Dimitrios ‘Jimmy’ Nares, Section Chief of Aviation Marketing, Miami International Airport and Vice-Chairman of Pharma.Aero
Shital Parikh Mars, Chief Executive Officer, Progressive Care, Inc