Nick Basta, Pharmaceutical Commerce

Nick Basta, Pharmaceutical Commerce

Founder & Editorial Director

Founder and Editorial Director of Pharmaceutical Commerce, Nick Basta has been involved in business publishing for over 30 years. Previously, he was VP, Editorial at VerticalNet, Inc, an early Internet start-up. Prior to that, he was a Senior Editor and Business Manager at McGraw Hill Companies. He has been a prolific writer on business and technologies, and has published six books. He has also been an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University School of Journalism and the New School for Social Research. He has a chemical engineering degree from Princeton University.

Pharmaceutical Commerce, published quarterly by Healthcare Commerce Media, addresses the key business issues for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of pharmaceutical products, with a focus on supply chain practices, sales and marketing, legal/regulatory and clinical operations. It is read, in print and digitally, by 21,000 pharma executives and distribution managers globally.




Business trends in pharma cold chain

Pharmaceutical Commerce has been analysing trends in cold chain logistics for the life sciences industry for the past nine years. Its 2018 report finds that the global market for cold chain logistics services now tops $15 billion, and is currently growing at a 12.7% rate. Drivers for this include continued growth in commercialization of high-value […]