The FlyPharma US agenda is designed to be unique and individual from the FlyPharma Asia and Europe conferences; tailored to the needs and issues of the pharma and cargo industries within North and South America, but also with a wider view to global industry themes.


We’ll be covering all areas of the supply chain, from leaving the manufacturer to reaching the patient. The sessions will ask delegates to rethink current concepts and practices concerning pharma logistics, with advice on how to implement change in your company and through your partnerships.

Welcome from Miami International Airport

Global and Americas-specific pharma market analysis
Speaker: DIRK DE ROOIJ, Commercial Director, Seabury Consulting

CEIV Pharma from a pioneer

Walk the path to obtaining CEIV Pharma accreditation in your business. Learn the challenges, the benefits and the main attributes of holding this certification from the first company to gain it in America.

Summary: The CEIV Pharma certification was created to help air cargo supply chain organizations achieve and track pharmaceutical handling process excellence. The certification encompasses existing pharmaceutical international standards and guidelines such as the IATA Temperature Control Regulations chapter 17, the European Union Good Distribution Practice, the World Health Organization annex 5 and the United States Pharmacopeia standards. LATAM CARGO is Latin America’s pioneer in certifying its processes as an airline and as a handler with the CEIV Pharma standards. As project manager officer of the certifying process, Rodolfo Marcelo Marre will talk about the highlights, the benefits, and the challenges the certification has brought to LATAM CARGO, as well as the main traits and advantages for the pharmaceutical industry when using a CEIV-accredited airline service.

Challenges specific to Latin America

Discussing transport, customs and temperature, among other key areas.

How do you transport pharmaceuticals to hard-to-reach places?

Advice on tapping into emerging markets and overcoming location challenges.

Clinical trials

What are the benefits and challenges to pharma of holding clinical trials in North/South America? What are the unique logistics challenges of getting specifically trial products to patients?

The emergence of the pharma logistics hub

What are the benefits and risks of using (or being) a logistics hub? Examining the strategic regional positioning of logistics hubs specializing in pharmaceutical handling, including their operational and service aspects (including customs, distribution and commercial areas) and practical concerns

What responsibility do you have for the rest of the supply chain?

Every supply chain stakeholder plays their part in the successful transportation of a pharmaceutical shipment from A to B. How does your role impact your partners? Is there room for improvement?

Safer supply chains

How to guard against theft, diversion, tampering and counterfeiting: what is the extent of the problem and what can we do about it?

Data sharing: what is holding us back?

Discussing the pressures on and challenges for pharma shippers to be more transparent between each other and with supply chain partners. What are the benefits and risks of increased transparency?

What role can packaging play in supply chain security?  

Discover the latest developments in this field.

Regulatory update

What legislative changes will be introduced over the next few years and how can you make sure your company is ready to comply?

Supply chain technologies

Latest innovations for improving efficiency and integrity.

Blockchain in the pharma supply chain

What is blockchain technology, why should you be looking into it, and how can it benefit the whole pharma supply chain?

Redefining supply chain management

Top key initiatives.

Turning a disaster situation into a simple, successful process

Putting disaster/contingency planning in place within your company, and maintaining a flexible approach.

IATA CEIV Pharma program

Latest news and benefits to air cargo communities

Mean Kinetic Temperature

What is it, why should you be aware of it in your supply chain, and the challenges your company might face.

When to take a risk

Yesterday’s impossible is becoming today’s possible. What should we strive for that currently seems out of reach? Why should any company want to be the ‘first’ to try something new? When is the ‘right’ time to take a risk?

Keeping up with Amazon

Can the pharma supply chain as it currently stands cater for a push towards personalized medicines, or direct-to-consumer approaches? Can we benefit from it or is it simply going to become something we ‘must’ implement in the future?  What can be learnt from other industries?

Environmental impact

Challenges and solutions: recyclable or reusable packaging, reverse supply chains, returns and recalls, environmentally friendly packaging, what can air cargo do to reduce emissions and overall impact, greater efficiency.

Tackling seasonality and the challenge of flexibility

How can you create a more agile business strategy?

Global vs local

In an ideal world, a truly global supply chain community would involve every country meeting the same set of quality standards and asking for the same legislative requirements. While we are some way off from that point, international partnerships continue to bring us ever-closer. But is a global community really a reality? Is it possible to overcome local requirements and get everyone to act the same way – and is this even something we should be aiming for? How can we find a balance between global and local needs?


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