Mark Maurice, Sensitech Inc

Mark Maurice, Sensitech Inc

Professional Services Senior Project Manager & Industrial Engineer

As the Sensitech Professional Services Senior Project Manager & Industrial Engineer, Mark is responsible for working with a cross-functional team of nine Project and Assistant Project Managers with backgrounds in industrial engineering, regulatory, packaging, validation, logistics, refrigeration systems, statistics, and technical writing.  Mark has been with Sensitech for 13 years.

The team focuses on defining and executing projects such as storage validations and transportation qualifications, along with thermal mappings, shipping studies, risk-controlled ambient temperature profiles, package qualifications, cold chain assessments, gap analysis, and continuous process improvement through ongoing monitoring. These cold chain visibility solutions enable Sensitech customers to make decisions that meet regulatory requirements, impact product quality and improve profitability.

Mark previously worked at United Parcel Service (UPS) for 16 years as an Industrial Engineering & Operations Manager. While at UPS, Mark completed numerous projects as a Project Manager, focused on supply chain and warehousing improvements.

Mark earned his Master’s in Industrial Engineering and his Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University at Buffalo.


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